Ministry Objectives

Promoting Spiritual Wellness through God's Lens of Love

A Place to Heal Ministries, Inc., seeks to meet peoples' spiritual needs at the place in which they are most comfortable. We offer a variety of ways to gain support:
  1. Emergency Assistance: Just like a hospital emergency room, come for a short visit, to hear from God, at those critical times in your life journey.
  2. Extended Stay: Analogous to what occurs during a hospitalization, come spend time under the anointing power of the Holy Spirit, in this ministry, to receive your healing and return to your home church renewed and refreshed.
  3. Extensive Training: Join us and become a member of the church to receive healing on a consistent basis. Receive training to learn how to help others in their healing process, while receiving growth through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Programmatic Goals of A Place to Heal Ministries, Inc.:

  1. Love: Facilitate ways in which the witness, sharing and receiving of God's unconditional love is evident. Assist people as they find ways to allow God's truth to reveal itself in their hearts, so that they can understand and harness the true value of their humanity.
  2. Health Ministries: Provide mechanisms to assist the individual, personal possession of healing — from the inside-out. Explore and implement ways to promote the healing of people's body, soul and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Encourage the growth and development, of peoples' capacity to embark upon their journey toward spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health & wholeness.
  3. Community Development and Capacity Building: Promote community engagement by sponsoring programs and activities, which address issues pertaining to the lives, of the people in the community. To develop innovative ways, to share freely community resources, while simultaneously maintaining the dignity of the community participants.
  4. Converting Your Pain into Power: Provide mechanisms to encourage collaborations among people from different races, ethnicities, religious denominations, educational backgrounds, socioeconomic status, etc., and assist them as they develop ways to utilize their painful life experiences, as fuel for their journey toward wholeness.
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